airport_1Hinton Municipal Airport

The Hinton Municipal Airport both rents and stores aircraft. The airport houses several gliders year-round and it is the home to the Soaring Sooners Glider Club. 

For rental or glider storage information and a price listing, please contact the airport at 405-542-3993.
  • Courtesy Car
  • Lounge & Refreshment Center
  • 24 Hour Credit Card Fuel System 
  • Terminal 
  • Restrooms 
  • Hangar Space (When Available) 
  • Aircraft Tie Downs 
  • Food, Motels, & Entertainment 1 Mile From Airport 

What to Know Before You Fly In

  • 4000' Runway
  • GPS Runway Instrument Approaches 17/35 
  • Identifier is 2o8 (Two Osar Eight) 
  • Radio Frequency is 123.05